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EtherFlyer's Advantage Versus Centralized Exchanges
It is no doubt that, as time passes by, cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream than ever. Many people come across and get into the world of blockchain technology on a daily basis. The majority of these people get hooked with the wonders of instant fund transfers, high gain investment opportunities, dapps, and other utilization being brought to them by this technology. Comes along with this is the option of profiting from these crypto coins and tokens through trading and, of course, there is mostly nowhere else to go to but on an exchange to do so.

It is to be noted though that trading on an exchange carries high risk. Like in any other types of asset trading such as stocks and forex, no one can truly predict the volatility of the crypto market. Furthermore, losing from exchanges is not only through wrong trading decisions, but also through notorious hacking by nefarious yet clever cyber criminals.

Based on the research of Ledger, an alarming $856 million worth of crypto was stolen from exchanges last year (2018). To name a few, Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck lost about $533 million worth of NEM last January 2018. The following month, BitGrail lost $170 million in XRB. On June 2018, South Korea-based exchange Coinrail lost $40 million worth of crypto. A few days later, another exchange from the same country, Bithumb, lost $30 million worth.

Going on 2019, New Zealand-based cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia lost over $16 million worth of ETH and ERC20 tokens last January 14. All of these funds lost are the notorious works of cyber criminals hacking into the individual vulnerabilities of these exchanges, and these exchanges are centralized exchanges.

As a quick review, there are two most common types of exchanges. These are centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges. And it is no doubt that hackers lust over centralized exchanges as their tasty targets. You might ask, "why so?". It is simply because centralized exchanges hold the accounts (including passwords and crypto wallet private keys) and the crypto funds of their users. If the infrastructure of a centralized exchange is compromised from the outside, stealing crypto from it is a piece of cake. In contrary, decentralized exchanges use the blockchain technology and uphold its core foundation of being "decentralized" by letting their users in control of their own funds. Most decentralized exchanges only serve as intermediary for routing and matching users' trade orders. The risk of funds lost due to hacking is reduced to an individual user's level only, mostly due to a user's negligence.

EtherFlyer is one of those decentralized exchanges committed to uphold the very core foundation of the blockchain ?which is "decentralization". EtherFlyer offers the advantage of most centralized exchanges which is high trading volume and liquidity of its listed crypto tokens. At the same time, EtherFlyer offers the security of its decentralized exchange infrastructure as an assurance that all the hard-earned crypto tokens and ETH of its users are not put in harm's way. EtherFlyer is definitely the safest bet if high trading volume, liquidity, and the utmost security are in your criteria of choosing for an exchange to trade your crypto. Learn more about EtherFlyer at

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Almost but not yet

Dear COLX Community, organisers of the already successful London Investor and London Forex Show events (since 2010) are delighted to announce the launch of a brand-new event which offers instant facetime with over 2500 delegates – consisting of existing traders and investors who are keen to learn more and to meet companies and new investment opportunities in this crypto space.
ColossusXT are happy to have been invited to secure a slot with a stand and multiple business boards, in addition to various forms of COLX information flyers and delegate event guides that would be handed to attendees.
This is a crucial marketing move for COLX, whereby core team members will able to engage with fresh faces to promote and attract larger interest and investments. However, access to this exhibition and the valuable business networks requires a payment, which like the Cryptopia Exchange Listing fee, will have to be raised by our incredible community via crowdfunding.
There are three main reasons to exhibit at the London CryptoCurrency Show
The London CryptoCurrency Show is the only event that can draw on over 8 years experience of launching successful investor and trader events in the UK - utilising the existing database of nearly 20,000 UK investors and traders. Exhibit in the knowledge that your business is in the right company.
A minimum required is $4000 which in addition to the standard marketing fee will provide a shell scheme stand that comes complete with walls, desk, company name/advertising boards and a 100-word exhibitor profile on the main website. This company profile (with logo and text) will appear on the mobile app and will be published in the Event Guide produced on the day. However if we are able to raise $8500 or more then COLX can be promoted far better using the RUBY, SAPPHIRE OR EMERALD Package (Please click on ‘Fees For Exhibition’ in the link down below). If the minimum target is not met in time and the exhibition deal does not go through, then your donations will be used to fund some of the other COLX development initiatives to make sure that the contributions are still utilised effectively.
Those who donate over $25:
  • Will be entered into a raffle where 3 people will be randomly selected by the COLX team for the chance to win 100,000 COLX each.
For those who donate over $150:
  • Will be entered into the raffle
  • Will be listed on our ‘COLX Supreme Supporters’ section of our site
  • Signed Exclusive COLX T-Shirt
For those special individuals who donate over $350:
  • Will be entered into the raffle
  • Will be listed on our ‘COLX Supreme Supporters’ section of our site
  • Signed Exclusive COLX T-Shirt
  • Beta access to Android COLX Mobile Wallet App
If you'd like to help donate to get ColossusXT to the London CryptoCurrency Show, please check out the link down below.
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CDC Recommends No Gatherings Of More than 50 People For ...

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